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New members are welcome, we cater for both experienced flyers and those who may be new to the sport and require training.

As a BMFA registered club we operate the BMFA training scheme and have examiners that can conduct both BMFA ‘A’ certificate and ‘B’ certificate tests. In order to fly unsupervised members must be the holder of an ‘A’ certificate.

The club has an annual membership fee that includes membership of the BMFA, which is compulsory, there is no additional joining fee payable to become a member of Bath Spa RCS. (If you already have proof of membership of the BMFA for the current year this part of the fee is waived)

As well as the flying side of the club we hold a regular meeting at the Saltford Golf Club on the first Monday of each month, unless it’s a Bank Holiday. The meetings offer members the chance to see model building projects through the various stages of construction, have demonstrations of building techniques and other events of interest to the membership. Meetings start at 8pm.

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