Charmy Down Re-Opens on the 1st June

Charmy Down will be re-opened for flying as of this Monday (1st June) from 10am at your own risk.  To try to maintain members safety and in accordance with BMFA guidance, all those who wish to fly would be required to:

1. Use the Charmy Down Calendar to book your flying slot so that a maximum of 6 people are flying at one time* – See Note.

2. Use a hand sanitiser and/or gloves before and after when:
a) Accessing each gate,
b) Taking down and/or putting up the fence, and,
c) Opening and/or closing the electric fence box and using the lock.

3.  Maintain 2m social distancing rules at all times.

*Note – There may be a rush to fly – so please ensure that you have logged your intention to fly on the Charmy Calendar.  Please do not go up to fly on ‘spec’ – you could have a wasted journey if 6 are already there.

Basically the overall provisos are: it is YOUR decision, as the individual member, whether you consider it is safe for yourself to go flying, and, that everyone’s actions will have an effect on the health of others.  Coronavirus is still in the area.

Colerne Airfield is still CLOSED  As soon as the MoD allows flying we will let you know.

And finally, please don’t forget – the CAA regs now require us to carry our CAA registration number in every model that weighs more than 250g that is being flown outdoors.