New Year & New Covid Rules

Happy New Year.

Once again the rules pertaining to flying due to Covid 19 have changed.

Now that the Government has implemented the Tiered lockdown system to control the spread of Covid-19 we can now resume flying subject to certain constraints.

It is important to say that  – the responsibility for your own well being has to rest at the end of the day with the individual who is considering whether to go flying …. or not. 

We are now advised that we can go flying provided that the flying site is located in an area where the Tier rating is the same as the one in which you live. If the tier ratings change you are not allowed to cross Tier boundaries.

Therefore the following rules will apply.

1.  Members who live in a Tier 3 area can fly because Charmy Down and Colerne are also in Tier 3

2. The maximum number of flyers allowed on site is once again 6 people. Social distancing applies to all.

4. Please read the Bath SpaRCS Covid Risk Assessment to be found in the Members Area.

5.  Indoor flying at Pucklechurch is still suspended until further notice.

Keep Safe