Website Community Pages

Great News – Website Chat pages

As a result of member interest we now have a number of chat room pages on our website. The pages include sections for discussions on various topics as well as a For Sale page where you can publish adverts. Photographs can uploaded to all sections of the Community space.

Username & Password

These pages were demonstrated at the January club meeting and it became apparent from the trial that to ensure that your name is displayed on anything posted into the Community pages you would need to have an individual login to the website. I have added every 2019 paid up member as a user and have created a Username and Password that is unique to you. Please check your email inbox.

Login & Changing Password

If you try to login using this new information and incorrectly enter the password two times, a message will appear asking if you have lost your password, you will then be given the opportunity to set a new one. You can use this feature at any time to change your password if you wish. By entering your username it will trigger an email to be sent to your email address where you’ll need to follow the instructions. When the box appears with a really complex password simply type in what you like it to be.

General Login to Website

If you have no interest in using the Community pages you can still login to the website using the previous way that you logged into the members area of the website. This method will remain active. Username and password cab be found on your 2019 membership card. Whilst you can also view and use the Community pages through this login your name will not be published and is therefore not the preferred method for adding comments.

Security & Administration

You can reply to anyone else’s post on the Community pages but you cannot edit anyone else’s text. As an administrator of the Website I am able to delete any inappropriate comments that appear and can remove members access to the Community pages if necessary. I really don’t intend to monitor the Community pages for content and will rely on members acting appropriately and informing me if they see anything inappropriate.

Next Steps

Please give it a try, and let’s see how it works. If you do have any suggestions for changes please let me know and they will be discussed at a club meeting before being implemented. Obviously real problems will be sorted out as soon as possible.