BMFA Centenary Challenge Update

Since writing this post we have received the following confirmation from the BMFA.

“We are¬†pleased to report after checking the submitted results from each of the clubs participating that we had a total of 3109 models in the air at 12 noon¬† 263 BMFA affiliated clubs that took part. We have therefore achieved a new BMFA National absolute record.”

Well Done to all who took part.

To celebrate 100 years of the BMFA(SMAE) a challenge was laid down to set a world record for the total number of model aircraft in the air at the same time. This was to take place on the 15th May at 12 noon. All BMFA registered clubs would record how many aircraft they had in the air at the prescribed time.

As a club we managed 5 aircraft despite some terrible weather.

A small group of us arrived at the field to be ready for lift off just before noon, the weather was gusty but dry right up until it was time to fly at 11.55 am. Suddenly the heavens opened and it started to rain, it just didn’t seem quite right to take off with it raining. All 5 aircraft were in the air at the prescribed time, the rain continued, and once 12 noon had passed we landed. Whereupon the rain stopped.

Well done to the intrepid pilots who braved the weather to support the BMFA. We look forward to hearing the results from the BMFA.